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What is a Pre-Designed Plan?

What is a Pre-Designed Plan?

Pre-designed plans means that your casita floor plan is ready for finalization to get a permit and to begin the construction process. In other words, it is not permit-ready. Some further research needs to be done because local codes can differ which would mean the plan’s requirements could change, depending on where you plan on building your casita.

Why Pre-Designed Plans?

Why pre-designed plans?  Save time and money by purchasing our pre-designed plans.  Using our 20 years of design experience, we have created the most efficient floor plans and designs for your new ADU, guest house or granny flat.  Pre-designed plans allow you to skip the design phase which can take months and cost thousands of dollars.  Plans can be altered if they are purchased in the .dwg (CAD) format or we can make the changes for you for an additional fee.  Please contact us for more information.

What else do I need for a building permit?

Every municipality has unique requirements to obtain a building permit.  We strongly encouraged our clients to contact your local building department to inquire about what is required for a building permit and obtain site specific information about your property.  Typically, you will need to add a site plan which will vary from property to property.  This can be done by the client, local draftsman or civil engineer.  Different areas of the country require different structural engineering.  Clients will need to coordinate with a local structural engineer to obtain any required structural drawings.  Some areas of the country also require title 24 energy calculations.  Clients will need to coordinate with a local title 24 energy consultant if required by the local municipality.  We can assist with consultants within the San Diego area.  Please contact Casita Floor Plans for more information.

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