About Us

Doug Pedersen graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 2000 and began working in architectural design for Aedifice Architectural in San Diego before founding his own company, Dryve Design Group, Inc. in 2012. Whether it’s a small interior remodel or a new ground up home, Doug is passionate about maximizing the use of every space. Doug lives with his wife and two middle school children in the San Diego area. They joke with him that the minute they walk into a new space, a restaurant, hotel, friend’s home etc., they have to give him a moment as he zones out and starts reimagining the space. When designing, Doug takes into consideration many different factors. First is the usability of the space. Does the space function as efficiently as possible? How can we minimize the amount of circulation space? Second is the natural lighting of the space. How will the location and sizing of the windows and doors effect the interior spaces? These are all important questions when designing residential spaces.

Working primarily in the San Diego area where homes and lots are small and design styles vary, Doug realized he had the ability to make accessible designs and renderings to help people envision their dream project. From traditional to modern to Spanish, the floor plans can be imagined in whatever style complements your existing style. Doug has taken the knowledge and experience gained from designing hundreds of casitas, guest houses and accessory dwelling units to launch www.casitafloorplansbydryve.com. The idea is to offer a variety of pre-designed models in various sizes to fit your property and budget. Doug has designed each model to offer the most efficient use of space possible including renderings of these projects to help .

When he’s not working, Doug enjoys playing hockey with his son, mountain biking, kite surfing and playing guitar. In 2007, Doug formed an Irish Rock band with a local architect and two plan reviewers at the city of San Diego. Although Doug retired from the band in 2014, he still makes surprise appearances from time to time.